Methodology Core

Methodology Core

The Methodology Core will provide the contemporary data science infrastructure necessary for studies that leverage electronic medical records (EMR) and for clinical trials that collect patient reported outcomes. Activities are centered around the following themes:

  • Rigorous and novel study designs
  • Secondary use of EMR data for research
  • Primary data collection and pragmatic clinical trial conduct

Examples of the services offered by the Methodology Core include:

  • Refining research protocols and making necessary adjustments
  • Designing forms for easy data entry and manipulation
  • Supervising creation of project databases
  • Ongoing monitoring of the accumulating data from all component projects for data quality
  • Assisting with analytic plans and statistical analyses of results from each component

Methodology Core Leadership and Staff:
Director – Patrick J. Heagerty, PhD
Associate Director – Sean Mooney, PhD
Imaging Expert – David Haynor, MD
Deep Learning Expert – Gang Luo, PhD
Biostatistician – Eric Meier, MS
Data Visualization – Nancy Organ, BS